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Digital STL files for printing the BLITKÄFER at 1/20 scale.
Resin (LCD/ DLP) printer recommended.

- 4 Body types 

       - Default, as shown in the cover image.

       - Without engine hatch, smaller exhaust and without hatch clamps.

       - Lower front 'bulge' and no IR light attachment. 

       - Without the 'bulge' and without the front armour plate. 

- 2 Weapon types, both in Left and right positions.

9 main printable parts + variations on the body + optional gun and rocket launchers:

- Body
- 4 Legs
- Hatch
- IR emitter
- Gun
- Rocket Launcher

Body dimension (at 1/20scale) :

     width: 59 mm (2,3")
     Front to back: 97 mm (3,8")
     Height: 89 mm (3,5")

Total Dimensions including legs: 

     width: 119 mm (4,7")
     Front to back: 97 mm (3,8")
     Height: 129 mm (5,0")

Parts come unsupported.
The default body type comes in a hollowed versions. 

Gluing parts is necessary during assembly. Although most parts are smooth, sanding may be required. Parts are solid. Make sure to Hollow the parts (and add enough holes) for economic resin usage.

For now the legs come in one piece. This means the pose of the legs are fixed in place. However they can rotate to some degree at the base where they joint the body.

Have fun building and please show me the result on either Instagram or twitter / Facebook: @joramvanloenen.

Let me know if you encounter any issues or have any questions.

This model is in no way associated with or endorsed by Kow Yokoyama or the Ma.K ZbV3000 property.

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15 STL Files (for use with Resin printers)


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